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MerkenIT can implement streamlined processes and technologies that improve efficiency within a customer's business operations. This may involve automating repetitive tasks, optimizing workflows, or integrating various systems to eliminate manual data entry and reduce errors, ultimately saving time for the customer's employees.

Technology Integration

By ensuring seamless integration between different software applications and hardware components, MerkenIT helps enhance productivity and collaboration while reducing downtime associated with compatibility issues.

Customized Solutions

By providing tailored services, MerkenIT ensures that customers receive exactly what they need without wasting time on unnecessary features or functionalities.

What We’re Offering to Our Clients

Build and Manage Your Online Reputation in One Place



Keep track of appointments and check for conflicts with automatic updates. Never show your customers a time you cannot make.


Customer Relationship Management

Keep Track and access call history, notes, and past conversations.


Email Marketing

Send specific emails to specific clients at the same time with just a few clicks. Stop sending generic untarget emails today! MerkenIT. is here to help!


All Reporting

Have the data needed to make better decisions on the way your business operates.


Social Planner

Plan your digital marketing campaign for Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, and Google all in one place.


Missed Call Text Back

Let your potential customer know you care and make SURE they receive a text back.


Want all our Features?

MerkenIT. Business Premium

Workflows, Forms, Surveys, SMS & Email Templates and Much More!!!!

MerkenIT. Business Solutions

Our software is completely customizable and can be used to virtually serve any business

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Learn IT. and build your online reputation gaining more repeat and referral business in the process. MerkenIT. is Connecting Small Business.