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What we do

Build your Business. Save your Time.

MerkenIT can implement streamlined processes and technologies that improve efficiency within a customer's business operations. This may involve automating repetitive tasks, optimizing workflows, or integrating various systems to eliminate manual data entry and reduce errors, ultimately saving time for the customer's employees.

Technology Integration

By ensuring seamless integration between different software applications and hardware components, MerkenIT helps enhance productivity and collaboration while reducing downtime associated with compatibility issues.

Customized Solutions

By providing tailored services, MerkenIT ensures that customers receive exactly what they need without wasting time on unnecessary features or functionalities.

MerkenIT. Business Solutions

Your Business Automated. With MerkenIT.

MerkenIT specializes in providing customized solutions that streamline business operations, improve efficiency, and foster scalability for its clients. By analyzing the unique needs and challenges of each customer, MerkenIT develops tailored strategies that integrate technology, automate processes, and optimize workflows, ultimately saving time and enhancing productivity.

What We’re Offering to Our Clients

Build and Manage Your Online Reputation in One Place


2 Way Text & Email Conversations

Never lose track of your conversations with potential and current customers with MerkenIT.


Web Chat

When you're in front of the customer, that's the best time to chat. When a Potential Client visits your webpage give them the opportunity to reach out NOW!


Google My Business Call Tracking

Track calls from Google learning about the keywords searched to find your business and make the call.


Reputation Management

Customize Review SMS and Email communications. Target Facebook, Google, or custom review sites.


Text to Pay

Send payment links to customers directly to pay for your products or services.


Missed Call Text Back

Let your potential customer know you care and make SURE they receive a text back.


Need More Features?

MerkenIT. Professional

CRM, Social Planner, Invoicing, and More!!!!

MerkenIT. Business Solutions

Our software is completely customizable and can be used to virtually serve any business

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Online Marketing Tips & Tricks

Learn IT. and build your online reputation gaining more repeat and referral business in the process. MerkenIT. is Connecting Small Business.